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It seems that in the field of dentistry, no procedure gets a bad rap quite like a root canal. Just hearing those words can send chills down your spine and spark heart palpitations.

But today, Dr. Tripp and our team at 7 O’Clock Dental are here to come to the defense of root canal therapy and debunk some of the most common myths shrouding this procedure.

It’s time for a reality check about root canals!

Myth: Root Canals HURT!

Reality: Root Canals Actually Relieve And Prevent Pain!

Maybe years ago root canals were typically a pretty painful procedure, but not anymore. And especially not in our New Orleans dental office!

The fact is that dentistry overall has come quite a long way thanks to technological advancement. Many dental procedures have been made virtually painless because of it, not just root canals. What’s more is that when it comes to root canals, many times you’re dealing with a tooth root that’s been so overcome with infection, that you may not experience any pain or discomfort at all when having it treated.

Let’s be honest, when you have a toothache that’s caused by an infected root, few things come close to that kind of pain intensity. Treating the infection doesn’t cause the pain. It gets you out of pain!

And it’s not just advances in dental technology that have improved root canal therapy. It’s also because of your options in dental sedation and comfort amenities available to you at 7 O’Clock Dental. From massage chairs to oral sedation, a visit to the dentist’s office simply isn’t what it used to be. So it’s time to put the myth about root canals being super painful to rest once and for all!

Myth: Root Canals Expose You To Other Health Risks.

Reality: Root Canals Protect You From Further Health Risks.

This myth comes from a study conducted in the early part of the twentieth century that suggested because root canals involve an infected tooth, it made patients more susceptible to a spread of that infection to the rest of their body.

This was one, isolated study. And perhaps it may have been true at the time, but today, it’s simply no longer a relevant or fair representation of modern root canal procedures.

A root canal removes infection, and failing to get oral infection of any sort is what makes you more vulnerable to serious health risks.

Myth: Tooth Extraction Is The Better Option For An Infected Tooth.

Reality: A Root Canal Helps Save A Tooth, Which Is Always Preferred.

Assuming that pulling an infected tooth is a better solution than a root canal probably comes from the myth about root canals being painful. That’s just not a valid argument considering root canals aren’t painful.

So this particular myth begs the question: if you had an option to save a tooth, why on earth wouldn’t you? Tooth extraction would only necessitate further dental work because you’d have to undergo tooth replacement in order to keep your teeth, gums, and jawbone healthy.

Another myth debunked!

Myth: Root Canals Are Only Necessary If You Have A Toothache.

Reality: An Infected Tooth Root Doesn’t Always Come With Pain.

First of all, pain is not normal and should never be ignored. This is especially true when it comes to your teeth and gums.

But the reality is that just because a tooth root is infected doesn’t mean it’s going to cause a toothache. That’s why it’s so important to maintain routine dental checkups with Dr. Tripp. Allowing our highly trained team to give you a deep cleaning and thorough exam at least twice a year, we’re better able to catch small dental problems before they turn into big dental problems!

Myth: Root Canals Only Provide A Temporary Solution.

Reality: In Most Cases, A Tooth Won’t Become Infected A Second Time.

We’re certainly not saying it’s impossible for infected pulp that’s been treated with root canal therapy to become infected a second time, but it’s highly unlikely. It simply doesn’t happen nearly enough for this myth to be true.

A root canal cleans your tooth of infection and then covers that tooth with a dental crown, which serves to protect it from further damage, decay, or infection.

So now that we’ve dispelled some of the common, and unfair, myths about root canals, we hope you’ll trust Dr. Tripp and our team at 7 O’Clock Dental for your root canal therapy or that you’ll let us help you prevent oral infection from happening in the first place. Again, with routine checkups, you better your chances for avoiding the need for root canals. But if you do need one, you know who to count on!

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