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Dental care can be pretty frightening. That’s why 7 O’Clock Dental has made it our goal to make your dental care as easy-going and relaxing as possible. We understand that many patients have anxiety and fear of the dentist, so we’ve designed our practice to have plenty of patient amenities and a great atmosphere! We’re confident that you’ll love our office right in the heart of New Orleans!

Countless patients avoid seeing the dentist due to fear and discomfort. At 7 O’Clock Dental, we strive to create a welcoming dental care environment that emphasizes the value of regular, continuous care. By helping you to feel comfortable at the dentist, you can avoid pain and costly procedures that result from avoiding dental care!

Anxiety Relieving Patient Amenities

One of the most reliable measures of patient comfort is simply a good environment and great people. We have designed our office to be one that will make you feel comfortable and at ease – it’s anything but clinical! Our staff has been selected based on their ability to show compassion and great care for your needs – you’ll never feel uncomfortable around them!

We’ve also designed our practice around patient amenities that make your experience exceptional. We have a comfortable waiting room with a variety of drinks available, private operatory rooms for your privacy and comfort, and we’re willing to schedule longer appointments so that you can ease into your care without feeling rushed.

If that isn’t enough, we also have something that plenty of our patients love: massaging dental chairs. You’ll be able to lie back and get your teeth cleaned while also getting a relaxing massage!

DentalVibe: Pain Free Injections!

Another reason that many patients avoid the dentist is because of a fear of needles. Shots can be nerve-wracking, especially in your mouth! In order to completely eliminate the worry surrounding dental injections, we use an amazing product called the DentalVibe! This small, hand-held machine features two vibrating tips that completely eliminate the sensation of an injection!

The DentalVibe works by overloading your nerves with the sensation of vibration. Since the vibrating feeling is stronger than the needle prick of an injection, you won’t feel the needle at all! The entire process only takes about ten to fifteen seconds, and you’ll find yourself wondering, “is that it?”

For Extra-Nervous Patients

If our amenities, great staff, relaxing environment, and comfort technology aren’t enough to make you feel ready to take a seat in the chair, there’s one more way to help you get comfortable during your appointment: sedation.

Sedation dentistry is becoming more and more commonplace, and our New Orleans office is glad to offer this great solution! Our sedatives are available in the form of a pill that we will prescribe to you before your procedure appointment. Fill your prescription, and then on the day of your appointment, just take your pill about an hour before you come in. By the time you sit down in our dental chair, you’ll already be relaxed and ready for your procedure!

We do require patients who opt for sedation to arrange transportation with a friend or family member. Your sedative will last for several hours, so you definitely don’t want to drive while still under the effects!

At 7 O’Clock Dental, we strive to create a comfortable environment that will eliminate your fears and make you feel welcome from the second you walk in our door. If you have any questions about our anxiety relief options or our oral sedation, don’t hesitate to call us today at 504-266-0664! You can also reach us using our online contact form. We hope we can help you soon!


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