Don’t Play Games With Your Teeth – Get a Custom Mouthguard

While playing sports is a great way to keep your body in shape, it can be hard on your teeth. Accidents do occur, and the last thing you want is a missing tooth or other trauma due to a bad play. But with athletic mouthguards from 7 O’Clock Dental, LLC in New Orleans, LA, you can prevent this kind of dental damage.

New Orleans, LA dentist Dr. John Tripp knows all about sports, as he’s an avid athlete himself. He’s familiar with all the ways sports can benefit your body and also cause harm, which is why 7 O’Clock Dental, LLC is dedicated to protecting your teeth with custom athletic mouthguards.

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Custom Mouthguard Fit Offers Advantages

The most common type of mouthguard is the “boil-and-bite” style sold at athletic supply stores or drugstores. While any mouthguard is better than no mouthguard, those kinds of mouthguards do not offer the same level of protection you’ll get from a mouthguard designed just for you using precise measurements of your mouth.

Custom athletic mouthguards are:

  • Right for your sport. We’ll design your mouthguard based on the sport you’re going to play, so the bulk and thickness will offer the right level of protection.
  • More comfortable. Since it’s designed just for you, a custom mouthguard won’t restrict your movement or breathing the way an off-the-shelf mouthguard can.
  • More durable. Custom athletic mouthguards are made from highly durable materials, so they’ll better withstand wear and tear.
  • A way to show team pride. We can create your mouthguard using your team colors, logo, or even your number.

Custom Mouthguards Prevent Dental Damage

There are plenty of ways you can injure your teeth and mouth playing sports. Our custom athletic mouthguards aim to prevent:

  • broken teeth
  • lost teeth
  • soft tissue injuries to the gums, cheeks, lips, and tongue

If you or a family member needs custom athletic mouthguards, don’t trust your teeth to an over-the-counter product. Call 7 O’Clock Dental at (504) 266-0664 or book your visit to our New Orleans, LA dentist office using our online form. Speaking of sports, we’re located on South Claiborne Avenue, a short drive from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome where the New Orleans Saints play.

Dr. John C. Tripp is the top-notch New Orleans, LA dentist here at 7 O’Clock Dental, LLC. earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in Nashville, TN and completed a general practice residency program in Brooklyn, NY.

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