Protect Your Healthy Smile From Teeth Grinding! [BLOG]

Bruxism is the technical term for teeth grinding and jaw clenching , and it’s a condition you might not even realize you have.

That’s because it tends to happen while you’re asleep, and the only signs that indicate a problem may not be easily connected unless you know what to look for.

Here are two ways bruxism can affect your smile and why you should visit 7 O’Clock Dental in New Orleans, LA for help!

Teeth Grinding Puts Stress On Your Jaw

Although only a trained professional can determine if you suffer from bruxism, you may notice some of the common symptoms it causes, like:



*Popping sounds in your jaw

*Pain or sensitivity when biting down

*Earache pain

*Headaches and migraines, especially in the morning

*Soreness and tension in your face, jaw, neck, and shoulders


Teeth grinding and jaw clenching begin a chain reaction of painful, distracting, and even debilitating symptoms, like the ones listed here, but that’s not the only reason you’ll want to find effective treatment right away!

Teeth Grinding Threatens Your Healthy Smile

You may not know you’re a teeth grinder just by looking in the mirror.

But Dr. Tripp can tell, often because of signs like:


*Sharp or jagged edges around your teeth

*Slight tooth discoloration

*Chipped tooth enamel

*An uneven outline of teeth length


The reason you don’t want to wear down or damage your teeth is because your enamel is vital to keeping out harmful bacteria and fighting acids that increase your risk for decay and cavities.

Not just that, but the appearance of your smile will be negatively impacted by all that visible wear and tear, as well.

How To Protect Your Smile!

Dr. Tripp can take careful, precise measurements of your mouth to create a customized oral appliance that you wear like a mouthguard as you sleep. It’s designed at just the right thickness to cushion your teeth and jaw and to fit inside your mouth comfortably and securely.

This will protect your oral health and your smile because you won’t be scraping your upper and lower teeth against each other, wearing them down, or damaging them.

It will also alleviate all that pressure you’re involuntarily putting on your teeth and jaw at night so you don’t wake up with painful tension headaches. Instead, you’ll wake up feeling rested and pain-free!

Call For An Appointment!

It’s amazing what an experienced, highly-trained dentist can discover about your life simply from looking at your teeth. Dr. Tripp has spent years identifying the signs of teeth grinding and treating it effectively in New Orleans, LA!

Let our team help you, too, so you can live pain-free and keep your healthy smile safe!

Call 7 O’Clock Dental in New Orleans, LA today at 504-266-0664 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.

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