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Don’t let old dental problems continue to cast a dark stain on your smile!

Consider replacing your metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings at 7 O’Clock Dental! Our New Orleans, LA dentist, Dr. Tripp, can erase the evidence of past cavities with this composite alternative that preserves your beautiful, healthy smile!

Metal Fillings Work, But Not Without A Price

If you’ve had a cavity filled at some point throughout your life, chances are your dentist used a metal filling. It didn’t matter where the decay was in your mouth, the dark restoration was likely your only option.

While this scenario poses no problems to oral health, as metal fillings certainly work to preserve a compromised tooth, for many, it likely posed a cosmetic problem for their smiles. You can have strong, white, healthy teeth and a great smile, but one dark spot can ruin everything in regard to your smile’s appearance and your self-esteem.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Preserve Your Smile’s Appeal

Obviously, metal fillings get the job done or else they wouldn’t still be used today.

But modern dentistry takes the cosmetic consequence of a dental filling into account, which is why we’re proud to offer tooth-colored fillings as an alternative to dark metal.

Depending on where the decayed tooth or cavity is, you may not want to choose a metal filling because it would be too visible when you smiled, laughed, or spoke.

A composite filling is made to match the natural color of your teeth so no one will see the evidence of your dental problem when all is said and done.

Not even you!

Let That Old Metal Filling Go…

When you visit Dr. Tripp on a routine basis, he can help you avoid cavities with preventive measures like dental sealants and fluoride treatments. He can also use our advanced technology to catch problems early enough so that you can take care of it right away.

But if you have metal fillings from past tooth decay and cavities, it might be time to replace them with tooth-colored fillings instead.

Here are a few common reasons why:

*You feel embarrassed about dark fillings that show when you smile.

*You’re experiencing tooth sensitivity on a previously treated tooth.

*You notice damage, wear, or a loosening of an old dental filling.

Dr. Tripp can help you decide if your old dental work is starting to fail and which of our tooth-colored restorative options are suitable for your situation.

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This season, leave the hauntings to the ghostly trick-or-treaters. Let your smile be free of the dark reminders of past dental fillings!

Come to 7 O’Clock Dental for a tooth-colored filling so your smile stays bright and healthy.

Call our New Orleans, LA dental office today at 504-266-0664 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tripp.

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