Make Your Summer Sizzle With A Smile Makeover! [BLOG]

Who doesn’t love a challenge every now and then? That’s why so many people use any free time they have during the summer months to tackle projects they may not get to during busier times of the year.

So this summer, why not work on a project of your own by making your smile sizzling hot with a total smile makeover in New Orleans?

Dr. Tripp and our team at 7 O’Clock Dental would love to meet with you to talk about the things you’d like to change about your teeth and gums and design the perfect treatment plan to change your appearance and your life!

Enjoy A Sizzling Hot Summer With A Smile Makeover!

Everyone’s smile makeover will be different, but here are some of the cosmetic services your New Orleans dentist can pull together for your transformation:


Sometimes, all you need to improve your smile is to brighten it up!

An easy and affordable way to do that and get the results you want is with a professional like Dr. Tripp.

He and our team have access to advanced whitening solutions that will beat the products found in drugstores every single time! Dramatically whiten your teeth so those dark, embarrassing stains don’t hold you back from smiling confidently everywhere you go.


Unhealthy gums are a problem, not only because they can leave your teeth without a strong, stable foundation, but also because they’re likely going to look unattractive, as well.

If your gums have pulled away from your teeth because of gum disease, we will first treat the infected areas and work to stop the infection from spreading and restore the healthy gum tissue you’ve lost by using the pinhole method that doesn’t require any cutting or stitching so you can heal faster!


What you see as a dental flaw may not even be that noticeable to anyone else, but that really doesn’t matter. If a tooth, or several teeth, stand out to you in a negative way, it’s going to be a cause of embarrassment or insecurity, and that’s reason enough to consider tooth bonding.

With this simple, non-invasive cosmetic solution, you can hide small imperfections like cracks, nicks, or chips. We use a composite resin matched to your tooth’s natural color to gloss over tiny dental damage, as well as cover and reshape teeth that are worn, pointy, or rough around the edges.


All on its own, this cosmetic solution is incredibly transformative.

That’s because with each dental veneer, you can hide imperfect teeth one by one until your smile looks exactly the way you want it to!

Veneers are customized especially for you so they will sit naturally against your gumline when they’re bonded over your teeth. They cover up flaws like:

  • Deep, stubborn stains
  • Cracks and chips on your enamel
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Crooked, crowded teeth
  • Misshapen teeth

Call For A Cosmetic Consultation!

Summer is the perfect time for a project, so why not make it a new smile?

You’ll love the way you look with brighter, healthier-looking teeth that won’t make you feel embarrassed to smile, no matter the occasion.

With our cosmetic dentistry services in New Orleans, you can lift stains and hide imperfections for a complete smile transformation that will make your summer sizzle!

Schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Tripp at 7 O’Clock Dental today! Call us at (504) 266-0664 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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