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Dental implants certainly aren’t the only way to replace missing teeth. You can do that with dental crowns and bridges in New Orleans, LA.

This has been a trusted tooth replacement method for years and years.

But even crowns and bridges can be improved with the help of a dental implant !

That’s because these restorations alone don’t make up for the loss of stimulation a tooth root would’ve made possible. An implant can anchor your dental restoration tightly in place so you have a new root and a new tooth, the closest you can get to the real thing!

Implant Restorations Are Your Best Holiday Smile Solution

Here are a couple of reasons why implant restorations from Dr. Tripp at 7 O’Clock Dental are your best smile solution, especially around the holidays!

*They Look, Feel, & Function Like Real Teeth*

When you have a dental implant placed in your jaw by the trusted local oral surgeon who works closely with our team, there’s already a process taking place behind the scenes.

Specifically, the jawbone attaches itself to that titanium screw, and once it’s healed, you’re ready for Dr. Tripp to add your lifelike restoration.

It’s the natural fusion that makes all the difference in how your new tooth, or teeth, will function and feel. Since the implant literally becomes a part of  you, it’s able to be a synthetic tooth root, giving you a strong, reliable bite.

In fact, implants are proven to give you nearly the same bite power of natural teeth, so you’re able to eat anything you want, as a result. There’s no time like the holidays to keep your food options wide open!

*Their Reliability Means Better Confidence*

The problem with tooth loss is that it only begets more tooth loss if you don’t replace missing teeth. That’s due to the lack of stimulation your jawbone receives when there’s no tooth root in place to take on the pressure of normal tearing and chewing of your food.

Without that usual engagement, your jawbone loses valuable mass.

The consequential series of events can deflate your confidence because not only are you more likely to keep losing teeth, but it will inevitably change the youthful structure of your face as the bone continues to break down.

Dental implants stop that deterioration in its tracks, and better yet, it turns your bone health around. The continued stimulation from chewing your food only makes the bone stronger over time, which makes implants the most reliable, strong option, and one that preserves your facial shape and your beautiful smile.

With that kind of reliability comes a great deal of confidence other tooth replacement options can’t give you.

The holidays are a time when feeling confident is key to enjoying the experience overall. You’re laughing, speaking, and eating in front of lots of people, so you should be able to do that without stress or anxiety about what missing teeth will do to your smile or your ability to eat comfortably.

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You should be able to have full function of your mouth.

That doesn’t mean chewing only on one side, avoiding certain foods because they’re too hard to eat, or doing everything you can to hide your smile.

It means living a life that’s healthy, happy, and fulfilling despite previous issues with dental problems or tooth loss.

Adding implants to your restorations can give you that.

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