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If you’ve tried whitening your teeth in the past you may still be annoyed by the promises that weren’t fulfilled. Even over-the-counter whitening can be expensive with little to show for your investment! It might be hard to believe that teeth whitening can actually work, but it can and our New Orleans dentist office has the tools you need to get the results you want!

At 7 O’Clock Dental we’re proud to offer one of the most advanced teeth whitening solutions in the industry: KöR Deep Bleaching! This revolution in teeth whitening make real results visible in less time than ever!

How Is KöR Different?

For every advancement made in the field of teeth whitening there’s another setback. Removing stains from teeth has been a long and complicated process and attempts have been made to improve on it constantly for years, but with little in the way of real results!

While the basic principle of teeth whitening remains mostly unchanged (mouth trays with hydrogen peroxide gels) there have been a lot of little changes to the process. Lasers have been added, UV lights have tried enhancing efficiency, and any combination of gadgets and gizmos you can think of!

Even with breakthroughs and new ideas little improvement has really been made. With KöR deep bleaching you’re getting a product that has overcome the biggest hurdles in teeth whitening! It has revolutionized the process not through attempting to change it but by perfecting the system that was already in place!

Consistent Whitening Gel Strength

Hydrogen peroxide has long been the basis of whitening gels. Unfortunately hydrogen peroxide is incredibly unstable and breaks down quickly without proper care. This usually means that the whitening products you get are far weaker than when they were manufactured.

KöR deep bleaching found a way around this by refrigerating their teeth whitening gels. From the moment the gels are made to the moment they go into your mouth they stay cool, preventing breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide!

More Effective Whitening Trays

Hydrogen peroxide is also incredibly susceptible to damage from saliva – not a very handy feature when it’s going into your mouth! Most whitening systems use trays that are universal – they come with the whitening system and are made to fit whoever uses it. This allows a lot of saliva to get into the trays, turning the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water!

KöR whitening trays are custom made from an impression of your teeth. We use that impression to craft whitening trays that don’t just ensure a perfect, even coating of whitening gel but that also seal in place, locking out saliva and letting the KöR deep bleaching gel work!

A Scientific Approach To Whitening

Whitening gels are designed to break down in your mouth. It’s through the reaction of hydrogen peroxide breaking apart into water and oxygen that you get the whitening effect. Unfortunately for most whitening systems they gels are stored in two separate tubes. That means some parts of the gel can be separated to prevent breakdown but not all of them!

KöR uses three barrels of whitening, allowing their deep bleaching gels to stay more separate, again ensuring that the gel is more effective when it goes into your mouth!

No Sensitivity!

KöR also combats the sensitivity that most whitening systems cause. A pre-treatment gel is placed in your whitening trays before the process begins that seals the spaces between your teeth’s enamel rods where whitening gel can get in and cause sensitivity! You’ll still see amazing results but without the ache and dull pain associated with other whitening products!

Get Great Results Right In Downtown New Orleans!

KöR whitening can produce amazing results – all you need to do is make an appointment at 7 O’Clock Dental today! Don’t waste any more time chasing products that promise to do the things that a professional KöR deep bleaching can do – we can have you in and out of our office with visible whitening results in just one visit!

You can reach our New Orleans dentist office by calling (504) 266-0664! If you would prefer you can request an appointment on our website by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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