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Everyone understands that participating in a sport isn’t without risk.

That’s why you prepare your child athlete for the spring sports season by buying all the proper safety gear and equipment they need to perform at their best without getting hurt. Gloves, shoulder and knee pads, shoes, and helmets… it gets expensive, but the investment in their wellbeing is well worth it.

But what will you do to keep their smile safe?

Why Your Child Athlete Needs A Mouthguard

Too often, parents overlook the need for a mouthguard, usually because their child plays a sport where the coach, school, or organization doesn’t require one, so you trust that judgment.

The fact is, though, kids who participate in spring sports like baseball, softball, tennis, and gymnastics, can all be much better off if their teeth and gums are protected from blunt force injuries to the mouth, face, and head with a custom athletic mouthguard .

Wearing one can safeguard them against things like:


*Getting hit with a bat, racket, or ball

*Contact with a hard surface because of missteps, trips, or falls

*Running into another player


But this is only true if you’re getting a mouthguard that’s especially designed to fit your child, and those are found at 7 O’Clock Dental!

The Added Benefits Of A Custom Mouthguard

Sure, you could easily run to the closest sporting goods store for a boil-and-bite mouthguard and call it a day.

But there are benefits to getting a customized athletic mouthguard from the dentist that a store-bought one just can’t match!


First and foremost, the purpose of an athletic mouthguard is safety.

A mass-produced mouthguard from a sporting goods store won’t effectively protect your child’s teeth and gums because it’s not customized to provide full coverage.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in an athletic mouthguard from an experienced dentist like Dr. Tripp. He has the tools and training to take the right measurements so the mouthguard will keep your athlete’s smile fully protected against injuries.

*Easier Breathing & Communicating*

An athlete has to stay focused during practices and games, which means they can’t be distracted by a poorly-fitting mouthguard. If it slips around in their mouth, they’ll have trouble breathing and communicating with the other players, coaches, and refs.

Only a dentist can create an athletic mouthguard with the precise measurements to ensure comfortable, easy breathing and speaking.

*Better Fit & Comfort*

From the uniform to the equipment, everything your child athlete needs for his or her sport should be the right size. Otherwise, their gear will be too uncomfortable to wear and end up being money down the drain.

Dr. Tripp can make sure their mouthguard is precisely designed to fit perfectly and comfortably so they’ll actually wear it.

Get Your Athletic Mouthguard Now!

Dr. Tripp was a college athlete himself, so if any New Orleans dentist understands the value of a well-fitted mouthguard, it’s him!

We’ll make sure your child has the right protection and comfort so their teeth and gums are safe all throughout the spring sports season.

Trust your athlete’s smile to Dr. Tripp and our team at 7 O’Clock Dental in New Orleans, LA. Call us today at 504-266-0664 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for a custom mouthguard.

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