Cosmetic Dentistry: What Has To Come First?

A great smile is the sort of thing that everyone notices – it can light up a room, instantly change what people think of you, and open up a lot of personal and professional doors. We all know the power of a great smile, but we also know how hard it is to get one we want – around 60 percent of us wish we could change something major about our teeth!

Our New Orleans dental team loves improving smiles. There’s nothing better than seeing the reaction our patients have to their new look – it’s one of the reasons we get up in the morning! But perfection isn’t always the first step in a great new look.

Cosmetic Dentistry: What Comes First?

Here’s an analogy for you: let’s say you’re in the market for a new house. You’re willing to buy a fixer-upper, but the structure and foundation need to be in good shape, right? You don’t want to invest a bunch of money into a home that’s going to collapse because it isn’t healthy! The same thing goes for cosmetic dentistry – it’s a bad idea to put a new finish on damaged teeth!

If you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry then there might be some initial steps to take first. Those steps could be different depending on what you need done, so let’s take a rundown of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer and what they require.

Teeth Whitening

Of the 60 percent of the population who want a better smile, 40 percent just want whiter teeth. Teeth whitening is popular, and one of its most popular side effects is tooth sensitivity. This occurs because whitening gel is able to get between the enamel rods that make up the surface of your teeth. The inner layers are sensitive to harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, and they’ll make you know it.

Things get even worse if you have a cavity – it’s direct access into the heart of your teeth! Before we even think about starting a whitening treatment we’re going to need to fill those cavities.

ClearCorrect Braces

The invisible ClearCorrect braces we offer are an amazing way to get a new smile without any metal, but they’re also a good way to lose teeth if you’re suffering from gum disease!

When we move your teeth the bone that holds them gives a bit to allow their shift. In a healthy mouth that bone will heal right back up so that your teeth anchor into their new position. Gum disease damages your gums, and ultimately your bone, and when we move teeth they might never become secure again. Tooth loss is the ultimate result here, and it’s not one we want you to go through!

The first step in starting ClearCorrect is getting rid of gum disease!

Gum Reshaping

We’re proud to offer the Pinhole® Technique at 7 O’Clock Dental. This revolutionary treatment allows us to repair gum recession without anything more than a pin prick. To be fair we have to add another qualifier: healthy gums.

Gum disease causes your gums to pull away from your teeth and not want to anchor to them and your jawbone. In order for the gum reshaping we do with the pinhole technique to work your gums need to be able to heal securely! The pinhole technique heals quickly and easily, but getting rid of gum disease is step number one.


Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in dentistry today. Using a thin layer of porcelain we can get rid of chips, reshape teeth, close gaps, cover stains, and do most anything else you can think of.

When a cavity becomes sealed behind a veneer we have trouble. The cavity can continue to spread until it breaks through the tooth or fractures it completely! In order to confidently place veneers we’ll treat your cavities first.

Healthy Smile, Happy Smile

We’ll never proceed with a treatment that your oral health would compromise. Creating perfect looks is something we take pride in, and we don’t want to leave you with a restoration or results that are temporary at best. We want you to know that when you come to 7 O’Clock Dental for cosmetic treatments you’re going to have them for life.

If you’re ready to find out what you need to do to get that dream smile don’t wait another day – call our New Orleans office at (504) 266-0664 or request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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