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This spring, our team at 7 O’Clock Dental wants you to know about the ways to freshen up your smile in our New Orleans, LA dental office.

Cosmetic dentistry covers wide-ranging treatments, each that beautify your smile in some way.

Today, we’re sharing a few of them so you can get a step-by-step look at how the process works and what guides our plan for your new smile!

A Look At Your Cosmetic Dentistry Plan

A leak in your kitchen faucet has create trouble in the cabinets underneath.

You discover mold and mildew eating through the cabinets below.

Would you just spray it with a cleaner and throw a piece of wood in there to keep it stable?

No! You’d have to fix the source of the damage, which is the leak itself.

The same concept applies when you think about cosmetic dentistry.

You wouldn’t treat cosmetic problems that will worsen or return because your mouth overall isn’t healthy!

That’s why we’re sharing possible cosmetic strategies in an order that makes sense until you have the smile you’ve always wanted!

*First, Get Healthy*

We can’t make your smile beautiful until your teeth and gums are healthy.

There would be no point! If you have cracked teeth, gum disease, or missing teeth, treatments like teeth whitening or orthodontics would be a waste of time and money, not to mention not the least bit beneficial to your health!

Dr. Tripp will make sure you have strong teeth and that you’re free of gum disease and other threats to your dental health.

*Then, Straighten Your Teeth*

Once your teeth and gums are healthy, it’s time to start beautifying!

You may want to straighten crooked teeth and close the gaps between them. In our New Orleans, LA dental office, there are two ways you can do this.

The first is with dental veneers. Although, they’re transformative enough on their own because they’re bonded to your teeth to hide nearly all cosmetic flaws you might have.

But if you don’t have any cracks or chips in your teeth, veneers may not be needed.

In that case, you could take advantage of our ClearCorrect orthodontic option!

One of the benefits here is that it’s less noticeable than metal braces, and the treatment plan doesn’t take as long as standard braces!

*After Orthodontics, Reshape Your Smile*

Once you have nice, straight teeth, you may want to smooth out some rough edges with tooth contouring. It will give your straight smile even more symmetry.

You could also benefit from our advanced gum treatment to make sure your gumline is even and healthy.

*Wrap It Up With Radiant, Bright Teeth*

After all of that, you can wrap it up in the simplest way with professional teeth whitening treatment!

We can whiten your teeth several shades using our advanced system right here in our New Orleans, LA dental office!

It’s a fantastic final touch to your straight, balanced new smile!

Schedule A Consultation

Dr. Tripp is a highly-trained cosmetic dentist who can design a step by step plan to help you meet your smile goals.

It’s a collaborative decision where you have the final say and your results will be a smile you’ll finally love!

You may only need one treatment, or a mix of two or three. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable with the process every step of the way!

Get started today! Call our New Orleans, LA dental office today at 504-266-0664 or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation!


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