Cosmetic Dentistry Is Stronger Than Cupid’s Arrow! [BLOG]

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Are you glad Valentine’s Day is over?

You’re not alone! Not everyone is in a place in their lives where they feel like celebrating love and romance.

Sharing your heart with someone can make you quite vulnerable, and if things don’t work out in the end, you can be left feeling disappointed, hurt, and perhaps, rejected.

When you add the insecurities you may have already had when that relationship began, you can sink deeper into self-doubt about who you are and what you deserve.

We see it all the time with patients who come to us for help correcting their dental flaws. Your smile is an incredibly important feature, and if you’re not happy with it or proud of it, it can really hold you back from going after what you want.

That’s why, in order to change the direction of your life, romantically or otherwise, it’s important to take stock of all your amazing qualities that make you special, to rebuild the confidence you once had.

With that confidence, you’ll have to power to pursue everything you want for your life. Cosmetic dentistry at 7 O’Clock Dental can help give you that, and believe us, it’s far stronger than Cupid’s arrow!

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Stronger Than Cupid’s Arrow!

While the romantic in you may have fun with the concept of Cupid flying about, arranging the details of how that one true love will find their way into your life, you’re still grounded enough to understand that your romantic destiny is in your own hands.

But it really does take courage to put yourself out there, whether it’s the dating scene, the job market, or just a new, wider social circle.

So whatever it is that’s missing in your life, we want to help give you the confidence you need to pursue it!

We can do that with cosmetic dentistry services in our New Orleans, LA dental office! You can explore your treatment options during a consultation with Dr. Tripp, but here are some of the services we offer that can fix your smile:


*Teeth Whitening Treatment

*Dental Bonding

*Dental Veneers

*Tooth Contouring

*Gum Recession Treatment

*ClearCorrect Orthodontics


One of the best parts about your cosmetic treatment plan with Dr. Tripp is that he can create a wax model of your envisioned smile before your procedure so you have a preview of what your results will look like!

It’s all about understanding what you want to achieve with your new look and working with our team to see that vision through!


Call Us For A Cosmetic Consultation!

There are new, exciting opportunities awaiting you, but it’s up to you to go after them.

Because of our years of experience helping cosmetic dentistry patients in New Orleans, LA, we understand how difficult that can be when you’re insecure about your dental flaws.

And we’ve seen the life-changing benefits that come with a gorgeous, confident smile!

Take matters into your own hands and schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Tripp!

Call 7 O’Clock Dental today at 504-266-0664 or fill out our online form .

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