Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!

A birthday visit to the dentist? What could be worse than that?! Well, we don’t think you should come on your actual birthday – that’s a day for celebrating you! But we want to celebrate you all month long by offering a birthday discount for the entire month!

At 7 O’Clock Dental we always want to provide great dental care that you can rely on! We also believe that your care should be available when you need it and without breaking the bank. That’s why we have extended hours and are glad to offer this new birthday discount plan of TEN PERCENT OF ALL TREATMENTS during the month of your birthday!

That’s right – 10% off all services you get for the whole month of your birth! We know dental care can be expensive and hard to finance which is why we’re extending this permanent special offer to all patients, both returning and new! Great dental care isn’t just results – it’s also showing that we care for you, our patients!

How Can I Take Advantage Of This Offer?

As your dentist we know all about you – including your birthday! Just remind us when you’re making an appointment so that we can make a note for our patient finance team. If you’re worried about being able to pay for treatment even with a ten percent discount don’t be – we have financing options available to make your care more affordable!

We don’t want you to struggle to get good dental care. Having healthy teeth is a fundamental part of having a healthy life, so don’t hesitate to contact us to find out all about your options for taking care of your dental health needs!

What Kind Of Care Can I Get?

We offer a wide variety of dental care services to suit your needs, and all of them are available to you under our birthday discount promotion! Whether you just need to catch up on your regular cleanings and exams or you want to take care of a restorative procedure that you’ve been putting off due to cost we’re glad to make it happen!

To find out all about the services we have available to you be sure to head on over to our services page. We’re sure you’ll find the exact dental procedure you need to maintain or restore your oral health!

I’m Scared Of The Dentist!

We understand how intimidating dental care can be – it’s intrusive, can be painful, and you could be sore for weeks, right? We don’t think dentistry needs to be so terrifying, which is why we’re glad to help make your treatment anxiety free!

We have a number of great anxiety relief options available and will make each one available to you at our New Orleans dentist office! You can relax in our private operatory rooms and enjoy our massaging dental chairs while you wait for your procedure to begin. We also offer pain-free injections using the Vibraject system – you’ll just feel some painless vibration on your gums instead of a needle!

We also offer sedation in the form of a pill. We’ll prescribe it to you before your appointment and you can simply take it before coming in. By the time you’re in our dental chair you’ll be incredibly relaxed! Oral sedation leaves you awake but incredibly drowsy. It also has an amnesic property, so you probably won’t even remember your procedure!

Is It Nearing Your Birthday? Call Us Today!

It’s important to take care of your teeth and we want to help make it just a bit more affordable! If you’ve been putting necessary dental care off due to cost now is the time to call! If you’ve been delaying care due to anxiety then you should know you don’t have anything to worry about at 7 O’Clock Dental!

To take advantage of our birthday discount and all the great care we offer give us a call today at (504) 266-0664! You can also request an appointment right here online by filling out this simple form! We look forward to providing you great care you can rely on when you need it!

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