A Toothache During The Holidays Is A Real Humbug! [BLOG]

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This is not the time for a toothache!

Maybe you’ve been trying to ignore it or put off calling your New Orleans dentist at 7 O’Clock Dental until the hectic holidays are over, but you’re better off taking care of it now so you can protect your oral and overall health!

Avoid The Humbug Of A Toothache During The Holidays!

Here are some possible causes of tooth pain and how we can help you find relief and have a healthy, bright, newly-restored smile for the holidays:

*It Could Be Tooth Decay*

The food particles that become lodged between your teeth after you eat are what feed the bad bacteria in your mouth. When that process begins, acids are generated that eat through your tooth enamel.

Tooth decay creates a hole, called a cavity, that can make your teeth hurt, especially when you chew your food.

This is the most common cause of tooth pain, and it’s also one of the easiest dental problems to treat!

With a tooth-colored filling, you won’t see any evidence at all that you had a cavity!

*Maybe It’s Caused By Infection*

Maybe you had a cavity that was never treated. What that can lead to is a large hole in your tooth that gives harmful bacteria unlimited access to the most sensitive tissues of your mouth!

An infected tooth can be a throbbing, painful problem that no over-the-counter medication can alleviate. If you did manage to ignore it, though, you’re only putting your overall health at risk because the infection can and will spread without treatment.

Root canals and dental restorations can provide the best solution to relieve your tooth pain, protect you from the dangerous infection, and preserve your natural tooth before the bacteria destroys it.

*Your Gums Could Be Compromised*

Tender, swollen gums are a common red flag of periodontal infection. Beyond that, it could be advanced enough to recede your gums away from some of your teeth, exposing the roots.

This can be really painful and increase your sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks.

That’s not at all how you should experience the holidays!

Gum disease treatment in New Orleans is a highly-innovative pinhole technique that restores recessed gums comfortably and effectively!

*Perhaps Teeth Grinding Has Caught Up With You*

Grinding your teeth can be something you do unintentionally and unwittingly, and it could be merely a symptom of a larger problem with your jaw joint alignment.

Either way, this behavior can result in damaged tooth enamel where bacteria can creep in and create painful problems and increased sensitivity.

We can provide effective, customized solutions to relieve your tooth and jaw pain and let your TMJ heal properly. This can improve not only your dental health, but your quality of life!

Feel Better Now!

One of the reasons you never want to skip those important routine dental exams is that we can catch all the problems we just talked about in their earliest, most easily treatable stages. In fact, catching tooth decay and gum disease early is one of the best ways to prevent them from becoming serious enough to cause you pain!

But the point is, you should never try to ignore a toothache, or suffer because of it. Let us help you find the right solution for an enjoyable, pain-free holiday season!

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