2 Restorative Dental Solutions For A Pain-Free Holiday [BLOG]

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A toothache or painful chewing sure wasn’t in your holiday plans, but when you’re faced with either of these issues, you can count on Dr. Tripp and our team at 7 O’Clock Dental to get your mouth back in shape for a pain-free, enjoyable holiday!

2 Restorative Dental Solutions For A Pain-Free Holiday

When you’re experiencing a painful tooth problem, you need a fast, effective restorative dental solution . Here are two of them we can perform in our New Orleans, LA dental office.

*Root Canal Treatment*


We promised to get you out of pain, not send you marching into the dental chair for the most dreaded, painful procedure in dentistry!

Relax, because that’s not at all what modern root canal treatment is like. At 7 O’Clock Dental, we use the latest technology to plan and perform gentler restorative treatments so you can relax while we do the hard work of keeping your smile healthy.

A root canal has become no more complicated than a dental filling, where Dr. Tripp can carefully remove any infection, sanitize the area, and then fill and seal the tooth with a natural-looking, protective dental restoration so your smile stays healthy and looks as beautiful as it did before.

The best part is that it will quickly end your dental pain so you can eat whatever you want during the holidays without stress or discomfort.

*Gum Recession Treatment*

Sometimes intense tooth pain will make people assume an infection, but a toothache can be just as painful without it simply because your gums have receded and exposed your root.

If that’s the case, you might experience a sudden increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks, as well as pain while chewing your food in that part of your mouth.

You won’t find more comfortable gum recession treatment than in our New Orleans, LA dental office!

That’s because we use the advanced Chao Pinhole® technique, a faster gum therapy that doesn’t require any cutting or stitching. For you, that means a more comfortable procedure and an easier recovery!

Taking care of your gums is critical to keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible, and with our innovative gum procedure, you can swiftly and comfortably restore your gum health and have a more enjoyable holiday experience!

Schedule Restorative Treatment Now!

Nagging dental pain isn’t something you should ever dismiss. In many cases, diseased gums or an infected tooth can bring the kind of pain you couldn’t ignore if you tried.

Believe it or not, that’s a good thing! It’s your body’s way of signaling a problem that needs to be addressed.

So let us help you enjoy a pain-free holiday with full oral function and a great-looking smile!

Visit Dr. Tripp for restorative dentistry now so you can feel and look your best as you deck the halls!

Call 7 O’Clock Dental in New Orleans, LA now at 504-266-0664 or fill out our online form to request an appointment!

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