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Relieving Dental Anxiety From Our New Orleans Dentist

Each year, countless Americans avoid the dentist due to fear and dental anxiety. This can take many forms and have many reasons, such as a fear of pain, worry about a lecture, or discomfort in clinical environments. At 7 O’Clock Dental, our New Orleans dentist understands these fears and want to help you overcome your dental anxieties – your teeth may depend on it!

Getting Comfortable At The Dentist

It might seem like an odd combination of words – comfort and dentist – but we are firm believers in our ability to deliver a dental care experience that you’ll feel perfectly at ease with! We work hard to provide service that goes above and beyond your expectations in every way possible, and that includes making you feel good about your visit!

Our staff are all hand picked to be caring, compassionate, and responsive to your needs. After just one visit, you’ll feel like you already know us! We value quality patient interactions that go beyond the transactional – we want to make you feel like you belong to a dental care community!

While you wait for your appointment, we hope you can start relaxing right away in our waiting room. Grab a drink and get comfortable in our newly designed office that we’ve built to be modern, clean, colorful, and welcoming. We’ve built everything with a careful attention to aesthetics – we’re a team of tooth artists, and you should expect artists to have good taste!

Part of our commitment to a great environment includes our private operatory rooms. We know you don’t want to be shoulder to shoulder with the patient next to you – that can be stressful and anxiety-producing! The last thing you need is to be made nervous by someone right next to you who might also be scared!

Technology To Put You At Ease

While you sit back in your private room, we can help you get even more relaxed using our massaging dental chairs. By the time Dr. Tripp comes around to take care of you, you might even be asleep!

If fear of injections is your concern, we have you covered there, too. Using our DentalVibe, we can make shots completely painless! The DentalVibe is a handheld device that uses vibration to overload the nerves where we give the injection, meaning that you won’t feel the needle at all! Our patients who have experienced the DentalVibe have been amazed that it worked as well as it does!

One Last Relaxation Technique: Dental Sedation

For patients who are still nervous about their dental care, we can offer dental sedation in the form of a pill you take prior to your appointment. We’ll prescribe the pill to you beforehand, and you’ll take it about an hour before you come in. By the time you sit down in our dental chair, you’ll feel so relaxed you might fall asleep – many of our patients do!

Oral dental sedation is strong, so you’ll need to be sure you have someone with you who can drive you to and from your appointment. The sedative lasts for several hours, so you’ll probably just want to go home and sleep!

We truly want to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for your dental care. Don’t hesitate to contact our New Orleans dentist office if you have any questions about relieving your dental anxiety! You can reach us by phone at 504-266-0664 or by filling out our online contact form. We hope to see you soon!


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