Give Bruxism The Boot!

Have you ever been a jaw clencher or tooth grinder? If so you may have experience some of the discomfort that comes with tired, achy jaw muscles that never get relief! Grinding and clenching, also called bruxism, can have a lot of serious effects on the long-term health of your teeth. It’s important to seek treatment for bruxism before you seriously damage your teeth! At 7 O’Clock Dental ...

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Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!

A birthday visit to the dentist? What could be worse than that?! Well, we don’t think you should come on your actual birthday – that’s a day for celebrating you! But we want to celebrate you all month long by offering a birthday discount for the entire month! At 7 O’Clock Dental we always want to provide great dental care that you can rely on! We also believe that your care should be ...

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Straighten Your Teeth with Clear, Fast Braces

What do you see when you look in the mirror each morning? Do you see a smile that you are happy with, or are you too disappointed to even smile at yourself? If it’s the latter, it is time for you to consider coming to see us at 7 O’clock Dental right here in New Orleans, LA! You see, we believe that every patient deserves to have a beautiful smile that they are proud of. That’s often ...

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