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Professional Dental Cleanings And Dental Exams From Our New Orleans Dentist

When it comes to preventing damage to your teeth, there’s no better way than professional dental cleanings and dental exams from our New Orleans dentist! Home dental care is an essential skill to practice daily, but there are still some impossible-to-reach places that you’ll find yourself struggling to keep clean!

A professional dental cleanings and dental exams at 7 O’Clock Dental is like a physical from your doctor – you’ll get a complete checkup that’s sure to keep you healthy for far longer! You wouldn’t skip your physical, so make sure you keep your teeth healthy with a regular cleaning every six months at our New Orleans dental office!

Why Are Cleanings Important?

During the normal course of your day, plaque builds up on your teeth. You know how it feels – the sticky, slimy sensation that you get when you haven’t brushed your teeth all day – that’s plaque. It contains countless bacteria, all of which produce acids that slowly eat away at the enamel of your teeth. When you brush, you remove most of the plaque from your teeth and gumline, but there’s always some you’re sure to miss.

Left untreated, plaque acids can cause tooth decay and cavities, causing pain, sensitivity, and the potential for infection and gum disease. That’s why cleanings are so important – we can stop these problems from ever happening!

Getting a Cleaning at 7 O’Clock Dental

A cleaning and exam at our New Orleans office starts when you first walk in the door. Our staff will greet you and have you sign in, and then we’ll make sure that all your records are up-to-date and your insurance is verified. We’ll have you turn in any applicable new patient forms and then have a seat for a brief wait.

You’ll meet with Dr. Tripp briefly so that he can go over exactly what you should expect from your appointment. He’ll give you a chance to get answers to any initial questions you have, and then you’ll meet with one of our dental assistants.

Your assistant will take your digital X-rays and do an initial inspection of your mouth to check for any serious issues that Dr. Tripp should be made aware of. After that, Dr. Tripp will come back to conduct a comprehensive exam of your mouth. He’ll use our intraoral camera to get a super-detailed look at the hard-to-see parts of your teeth where it can be difficult to spot problems. A visual oral cancer screening is also included.

Dr. Tripp will also conduct your cleaning using advanced tools and techniques to give your teeth a great fresh feeling! He’ll also provide fluoride treatment and other preventive dental measures that might be necessary. Don’t worry – any treatments that are provided will be something you both agree on.

Along with a review of your X-rays and other inspections and tests, Dr. Tripp will soon be able to formulate a plan for any additional treatments you may need. The both of you will discuss your dental care future, and then you can schedule any future appointments or procedures you need! You’ll be out the door in just about an hour and a half with fresh teeth and control over your oral health!

If you’re ready to get all this and more from 7 O’Clock dental, don’t wait another day! Call our New Orleans dentist office today to get scheduled for a dental cleanings and dental exams! You can reach us at 504-266-0664 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to giving you treatment that exceeds your expectations!


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